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Mishaps happen and when they happen it comes all of a sudden and with a big blow. Thus you cannot help but call a garage door mechanic to evade your problems. But who can aid your problems but us? Yes we are your ultimate garage door company and a medicine to your problem. We are located at Cypress, TX, and the doctor for your ailment.
We do not limit our services to any particular area of Cypress, but we are there to help you all over Cypress and Northwest Houston TX, which includes the Copperfield, Copper Lakes, Coles Crossing, Towne Lake, Bridgeland, Blackhorse Ranch, Fairfield, Sydney Harbor, Lakewood, Rosehill, Longwood, Cypress Creek, and Riata Ranch, etc.
Facing a lot of problem with your services and having a strong feeling that it cannot be fixed? Name one problem, say for example broken cable, broken extension spring, cracking garage door, etc and we guaran tee to fix it.

You can avail your Garage door services in:

GARAGE DOOR REPAIR: Is your garage door in too bad a condition making a lot of noise or to say it worse, is not working at all? You are thinking on fixing it all by yourself? Let me tell you it’s not a very good idea for a home owner as a lot of risk are involved. Instead call a technician who has enough knowledge on it to fix it. And not to forget we are always there for you. Our specialists are intricately trained and specialized to make sure that your garage door is running smoothly. We specialize in residential garage doors and garage door openers. Some of the garage door repairing that we undertake are:

• Broken torsion springs- to understand, first and foremost we must know that there are two types of springs (garage door torsion springs and garage door extension springs). Do you face a problem while lifting up your garage door? Does it get jammed? In that case I am cent percent sure that you have a broken torsion spring. These springs are located above the garage doors and are responsible for lifting the weight of the garage door. So, if this spring breaks the door won’t go up. Thus with us you can be tension free because we will replace it correctly and we vouch on that. On the other hand if you see a break in the spring that runs along the side of the track then you can be assured that you have got a broken extension spring. Now that the problem is detected, it also has to be cured. These are attached to the bracket holding the horizontal track to the ceiling. Most of the time only one of the springs breaks. However we replace both as both have been used considerably.

Garage door rollers- Is your garage door making a lot of noise? Then it is most meet to replace the rollers. We the most relevant garage door repairs, cure the problem by upgrading the cheap builder grade roller to a premium high cycle. Remember that we are just a call away.

Broken cables- if the lift cable has displaced its position, it is then going to tamper with the garage door making it fall out of the position. Do not try to open or close the garage door or other self thought techniques because it may lead to an accident. Call the Garage door repairs and receive fast service.

Bent track-damaged track- at times the bents or those garage doors which fall out of position need to be replaced. Do not try replacing by yourself if you are not trained to do it. Instead don’t feel hesitant and call an expert. And we can fix it for you.

Broken hinges or brackets- With uncared use hinges break or at times they crack or get bent down. If such a thing happens make sure to replace it as soon as possible. We provide hinges which are made of heavy duty steel thus with a more resistance power and longer longevity.

Weather strips or seals-A weather strip is made in such a way that will keep you off the dirt, unwanted particles and water. Does your weather strip need to be replaced? Then by now I am sure you know whom to give a call to? Of course, the garage door doctors, us.

Section replacement- garage doors get damaged due to many factors of which some are forced man made and some are technical defaults. Thus depending on the gravity of the damage caused, we help you out with either tuning the sections or replacing the whole.

Off track or crooked garage doors- “off track” is one of the most intricate problems faced with a garage door. It cannot and should not be repaired. Because if you do so, you can rest assured that it will fall apart again, and that too very soon. Call us immediately and do not try to fidget with it.

Tune ups- if your garage door has become lousy and noisy tuning it up or undertaking maintenance are needed. We perform a 21 point inspection and thereby instruct you on how to lubricate your garage door and maintain it.

Broken or lost remote-remote controls have become essential now so that physical strength is not much required. But what if your remote control breaks or you lose it? Don’t get worked up. Instead give us a call as we provide you with a wide range of garage door openers.

Garage door openers repair- as the name of the company goes I am sure by now you have judged that we are experienced in repairing garage doors and garage door openers. We fix all those openers that are worth fixing. However at times we come across openers that are unreliable and not worth being fixed. However the case is rare. Some of our common opener repairs include defective circuit boards, jammed motor, broken chain links, electrical issues, etc. We can thus ensure on fixing almost any problem as we know the durability of an opener.

Emergency garage door repair- if something ever happens that will knock you off your head, try to keep your cool and call us on 281-855-9300


Want a new garage door opener? We can help you out whereby neither will you have to take the hassle of searching for a good one nor will you will to take the trouble to fix it. We are there to do it all for you. We install brand new openers including Genie, Chamberlain, Liftmaster and Sears Craftsman garage door openers.

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